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Alcohol Control

Alcohol control, not abuse.
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North London Stress Management Centre. 
Tel: 020 8444 4871

It is a shame that some of our most important and exciting moments remain with us as drunken blurs. Or those highly significant occasions that may have changed our lives for the better, celebrated to such a degree they are now consigned to the scrapbook of our minds, only to be looked at and shared without the associated memories. Do we really have to get totally wasted to enjoy a night out with friends or even, due to the current pandemic, a night in by ourselves? And what about that great concert we attended last year, before all the madness crept in, you know, the one we had been looking forward to all year that now needs to be watched on YouTube not so we can relive the experience, but to simply recall it?

NLSMC has been criticised in some quarters for offering clients a programme to control alcohol, enabling them to cut down to manageable levels their consumption rather than one that helps them quit immediately. We answer this by stating the fact that most visitors to our centre come to us not to stop drinking, but to control it. This is a perfectly reasonable demand and it would be unrealistic, based on our experiences, to suggest otherwise. This does not mean to say that you should not at some point consider the benefits of one day ending your relationship with alcohol; that it can cause physical and long-term psychological damage is beyond any doubt, and we have a tried and tested programme that will enable you to end such dependency. Yet we remain convinced that cutting down on alcohol consumption does help many people and makes a real and significant impact on their lives. It involves one word: control.

It is impossible to be in control of alcohol without first being in control of your life. You may drink excessively because you are experiencing a lack of harmony in your inner self, that your world seems meaningless, empty, devoid of any real happiness. Or you may be in a position where every day brings contentment, fulfilment and joy. Whatever state of mind you are in, you are reading this page because alcohol is an important part of your life. If you could simply take it or leave it without any help or assistance, you would.

There are two factors at play when it comes to dependency and lack of self-control: the Addict and the Self. The Self is the emotional relationship we have with our inner personality, providing the basis of our character and shaping our identity. Over time, the Self becomes an ever changing pattern of beliefs, emotions and behaviours – some positive, some damaging. The addictive part of our personality has as its basis the perfectly normal desire we all have to get through life with the least amount of pain and the greatest amount of pleasure.

The Self and the Addict are constantly locked in internal conflict. The longer the struggle, the more emotional power the Addict gains. Unless addressed, over time the addict part of the dual-personality becomes dominant. At NLSMC, we can help to reverse this process and give you back control.

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