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Anger Management


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It can be argued that anger is a perfectly natural response to the frustrations inherent in our daily lives, helping us cope with disappointment, harm, threat and obstruction. But if your immediate response is rage when you are stuck in a traffic jam, when someone disagrees with your point of view, when trains are delayed, children are screaming, teenagers are obnoxious and you feel you are facing injustice almost every moment of your life and it all so damn  personal (!), it is probably a good idea for you to seek help. Anger, unchecked, can easily lead to stress, illness, dejection, sadness and on many occasions, physical violence. 

Utilising a number of techniques including cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt psychology, hypnotherapy (where appropriate) psycho-cybernetics, neuro-linguistic programming and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) we help you change your cynical perception of other people, significantly decrease the amount of times you become angry, teach you to reign in your anger before you lose control and to shorten the list of situations that trigger the anger. We work with you to implement strategies for change and to consider different response options. You will find the process enlightening and, we believe, life changing. 

We have seen it so many times. People who begin controlling their aggression, anger and cynicism start controlling their lives. It is a journey that leads to self-fulfilment and happiness. And when everything is said and done, and as long as we are not harming other people, isn’t this what we’re all entitled to?  

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