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help for corporate stress 
FREE OF CHARGE INITIAL CONSULTATION. No obligation to book further sessions. 

City AM recently reported that more than 26 million working days were lost in 2019 alone to work related ill health. Stress, depression and anxiety accounted for the majority of those days. The suicide of Sidley Austin partner Gabe MacConaill in the US once again brought to the forefront the dangers of excessive workplace pressure. Whilst in itself a natural and acceptable aspect of working life, pressure can get so out of control that it leads to chronic stress and illness including common psychological afflictions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions, bi-polar disorders and insomnia.

We see brokers, analysts, lawyers, advisors, investment managers, partners, senior IT personnel, directors, CEOs – the common denominator usually being that they have ended up finding themselves locked in a so-called golden handcuff trap which sees them working 80/100/120 hour weeks in highly remunerated jobs where the likelihood of burnout is almost certainly before not too long a realistic and, indeed, inevitable outcome. As many UK and US legal firms regularly bill more than 2,000 hours a year, it is not uncommon for people to be working to midnight on most working days. Continuous stress at a lower level is far more damaging than occasional outbreaks, even though these attacks appear more severe.

People who suffer stress on a fairly mild yet more or less ongoing basis are constantly at danger of their symptoms accelerating. At this level, stress has become part of the sufferer’s identity and is embedded in their psychological profile. S/he is more vulnerable and far more prone to total burnout. There is no set psychological profile of a person likely to succumb to work-related stress. It affects both sexes equally and we see people from many different backgrounds, upbringings and cultures. What is common is the immense expectation of having to succeed at all costs and a deep-rooted fear of failure and the real or imagined consequences thereof. What is constantly in the back of the mind of typical sufferers is the fear of suddenly losing everything they have worked so hard to attain and so they constantly strive to maintain a lifestyle that in the end, may well lead to their downfall.

We use a number of techniques to address and reverse the condition. NLP and Cognitive Behavioural therapy enables sufferers to view their worlds in completely different ways, helping them to prioritise what is actually important in their lives and where their current habits will lead them unless they take stock of the downward spiral that they have found themselves in. We use anchoring techniques, image-working, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) visualization and time management skills. We look at each individual’s workplace environment, who s/he works with, who is applying unnecessary added pressure and how to deal with difficult colleagues or managers. We take a look at the typical working day in the person’s life, and how it can be changed to ease the stress that is building in the sufferer. We teach relaxation and meditation and address any addictions (alcohol/drugs/gambling/sex) that have arisen as a consequence of over-working. We will also (with of course the full consent of the client) utilse hypnotherapy, enabling sufferers to directly access their sub-conscious minds, the centre of all their thoughts, feelings and emotions. In the subconscious, real changes can occur that lead to greater empowerment and self-control, eliminating the feelings of chronic stress that are at the heart of their suffering.

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