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hypnosis and therapy for depression

Our therapists, using a combination of various techniques tailored to the individual needs of each client, offer insight, suggestion, persuasion, reassurance, and instruction to enable you to see yourself and your problems more realistically, in the process empowering you to overcome them. Our approach is designed to encourage communication of conflicts and insight into problems, with the ultimate aim of bringing relief of symptoms, changes in behaviour, improved social and vocational functioning, and personality growth.
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In-Person sessions at our London N10 and London N1 centres or online LIVE across the internet.  We are open 2.30pm-11.30pm (Mon-Fri) and 07.00am-12 noon (Sat-Sun)  Please click on the individual images on this page for detailed information on the principal conditions we treat.  Also see below an A-Z list of other conditions we can help you overcome 

therapy for anxiety and depression in London N1 and N10

therapy and help for workplace stress london n10
Work-related Stress

Work-related stress, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, was highly prevalent in the lives of millions of people working in every industry, at every level of engagement. Work pressure can sometimes be beneficial, as we explain, but stress is an illness that easily spirals out of control if not addressed. We have 30 years’ experience helping people deal with and overcome stress in the workplace. Call us for a FREE consultation and we will explain how we can work with you to change your life for the better.
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therapy and hypnosis for anxiety london

Because they tend to become habitual, negative and frightening, anxious thoughts can be difficult to identify. If you feel that you are suffering from anxiety, you have almost certainly experienced these feelings for quite some time. Psychotherapy (and where appropriate, Hypnotherapy) opens many doors for you and is a highly recommended treatment which explores any underlying reasons for your condition and addresses them one by one.
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help for better relationships and marriages london n10
Relationship Issues

We do not exclusively categorise relationships as those between partners but also include interactions with family, friends, colleagues and even neighbours, when such a requirement is identified. Always taking your side, we advise and help you realise your emotional needs, whilst working closely with you to resolve conflicts, strengthen your ties and connections with those who matter most to you and, ultimately, attain your desired outcomes.
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therapy for insomnia hypnosis london n10

Insomnia, to various degrees of intensity, is said to affect around 30% of the UK population. We have many years’ experience utilising a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis to formulate,  develop and implement short, sleep-inducing programmes, fully tailored to the specific requirements of each individual client, based on his or her current sleep patterns, thought processes and behaviours. 
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