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Job Burnout

Treatment, help and support for job burnout
North London Stress Management Centre.
Tel: 020 8444 4871
London Muswell Hill N10 and London Islington N1 centres
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North London Stress Management Centre.
Tel: 020 8444 4871 

Covid-19 has forced many people to adapt to new working practices, some of which on the face of it seem unfamiliar, unwarranted and, in some instances, unsavoury. Those who are managing to hold on to their jobs during the crisis are being forced to take on additional responsibilities and increased workloads fearing that if they do not do so, they will become exposed. The job market is not a welcoming prospect at this particular moment in time so we do what we're told, no matter how unfair or unreasonable it may seem. Some companies take an enlightened approach to this momentous time in human history and treat their staff with dignity and respect. Others are in complete panic, where all semblance of fairness and normalilty is thrown out the window.. It is not surprising, then, that we are witnessing a significant increase in people suffering from job burnout, the principal symptoms being physical exhaustion, a lack of interest or a decrease in efficiency surrounding any aspect of our work, home or personal lives and a sense of alienation from other people. Burnout also causes an increase in physical ailments, habits turning to addictions, poor attention spans and a feeling of hopelessness, that there is nothing in life worth contemplating or looking forward to. 

Typical techniques we at NLSMC utilise as part of the therapeutic process when addressing burnout include cognitive behavioural therapy, gestalt psychology, hypnotherapy (where appropriate) psycho-cybernetics, neuro-linguistic programming and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) You are welcome to contact us for a free initial consultation where we will be able to explain to you in detail how we can help you to first deal with and then overcome burnout during these unprecedented times. 

It is perhaps worth mentioning at this early stage, however, that there is a positive side to burnout, no matter how much pain you are experiencing, or how you are currently being affected by the virus. For burnout often signifies change. It has been described through the ages as a period of transition, a moment of revelation or, in artistic and spiritual terms, the Dark Night of The Soul. It is when we can no longer continue along the path we have trod for many years and, only through undertaking change in this form, can we emerge out of the darkness freshly invigorated, full of energy and inspiration, renewed with a longing for life and all its many riches, awash with new ideas, inspired to achieve anything we so desire. We have seen many people at our centre who have transitioned from burnout to complete vitality and inspiration, going on to lead wonderful and fulfilling lives. The change is powerful and long lasting and is a pleasure to behold. We look forward to working with you!

North London Stress Management Centre (NLSMC) therapists are British Association for Performing Arts Medicine registered practitioners. NLSMC is a member of the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) member.