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FREE OF CHARGE INITIAL CONSULTATION. No obligation to book further sessions. 

Phobias are uncontrollable and irrational fears of objects or situations. Common phobias include Agoraphobia (a fear of open spaces) Acrophobia (a fear of heights) animal, airplane, doctor, dentist, thunder and lightning phobias and Arachnophobia (a fear of spiders) In addition, people suffer from what are termed "social" phobias and these can include a fear of public speaking, being watched at work or whist they are eating, a fear of crowds or examinations or even blushing in public. This type of phobia generally makes the sufferer feel that s/he is being negatively evaluated by others.

If the fear is far out of proportion to the danger or has a significant impact on how you live your life, you may need help Sufferers of more common phobias usually function at a normal level in most aspects of their daily lives. With social phobias, however, there may well be more serious underlying causes which can include but are by no means exclusively connected to previous traumatic life-experiences. Phobias tend to vary in severity among individuals. Some people simply avoid the subject of their fear and suffer only relatively mild anxiety over that fear. Others suffer fully-fledged panic attacks with all the associated disabling symptoms.

The Initial consultation enables the therapist to get an insight into how phobias are affecting your life, helping him/her to formulate and develop a short programme that is fully tailored to your specific requirements. A combination of techniques are utilised, drawn from Psycho-cybernetics, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Neuro-linguistic Programming, Gestalt psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and, where appropriate, hypnotherapy. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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