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Free relaxation recordings for help with Covid-19 pandemic 
COVID-19 ~ the virus will not silence us


COVID-19 information, resources and FREE recordings
North London Stress Management Centre.
1:1 sessions at our Muswell Hill, London N10 and Islington London N1 centres
or ON-LINE LIVE with Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. (Telephone sessions are also available)

We are currently updating this page with important new information.In the meantime, please click on the image below to access your FREE recording:

Free relaxation meditation recording

A message from NLSMC to all musicians, actors, artists and creative thinkers in a time of crisis:

We cannot be silenced. Music and theatre and art has not been taken from us. The virus will not cause us to fade. We will emerge stronger and more creative and more innovative than ever. We do not know when we will return to any semblance of "normality". We do not even know if we will still desire what we had before. But we can take comfort in the knowledge that new ways of performing, of expressing and delivering our messages are already happening. Desperate hope will, before not too long, turn into an exciting and inspiring frontier where we will learn to grow and become more free and happier than we have ever been and nobody or no-thing can take this from us. The new world we are about to enter will need less industrialists and bankers and politicians and more artists, and dancers and poets and musicians and lovers and healers.
This is the world we look forward to.

If you would like to listen to a relaxation recording that makes no reference to COVID-19, please click on the following image:




North London Stress Management Centre (NLSMC) therapists are British Association for Performing Arts Medicine registered practitioners. NLSMC is a member of the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) member.