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Help Through Relationship Issues

North London Stress Management Centre.
Tel: 020 8444 4871
London Muswell Hill N10 and London Islington N1 centres
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North London Stress Management Centre.
Tel: 020 8444 4871

We accept that no relationship is perfect, no partnership is without its challenges. When simple misunderstandings turn to ongoing conflict and excitement in a relationship turns to familiarity and then boredom, however, when suspicion, unbearable stress, anguish and innermost pain become part of your everyday life, we are here to help. 

We will work with you to resolve conflicts, strengthen your ties and connections with those who matter most to you, whilst always taking your side, enabling you to achieve your desired outcomes. A successful partnership has as its core components mutual intimacy, trust, loyalty, honesty, respect, dedication and maturity.

Difficult as it may seem to us at times, it is important to accept (or at least consider) that no relationship is often preferable to a bad relationship.

If you want it to succeed, it's worth taking the time to make its happen. But only if you feel your relationship is worth saving. Because, let's face it, your partner may be a complete idiot who you wish you had never met, let alone invested months, probably years, of wasted life with.  

You may have ended up with someone who takes everything personally, who lacks self-awareness and blames other people for his problems, a person who always likes to have his own way. Your partner may be someone who acts in a passive/aggressive manner (not telling you what the problem is, preferring you to suffer in silence instead) She may be overly possessive and enjoys playing mind games. 

Some relationships are beyond help or redemption. You may want to change but it is very clear to you that your partner does not. Or perhaps your partner desires his or her needs be met in a different way and you emphatically disagree. Or psychological and/or physical abuse comes into play and you need to leave. But then you are facing the unknown and this can be frightening as you realise that your actions are likely to have serious emotional, perhaps legal and financial consequences. And this is even before children are brought into the equation. Yet we are here to tell you that walking into the fog of uncertainty on many occasions results in a far brighter and fulfilling life awaiting you once you've reached the other side. Facing the fear of change can help you achieve anything you wish for in life, and relationships are no exception.

A brief word concerning Emotional Vampires:

If you are currently dealing with an emotional vampire, a person who says he wants you to change but does not mean it, prefering to suck every last inch of confidence from you, you may need help on how to deal with the situation. When we change ourselves for the better, it comes as no surprise that those around us also change, and not always in a positive direction. An emotional vampire can be a husband, wife, partner, close "friend", work colleague or, more often than not, a family member. These people present a barrier between you and a better life. It is best to spend as little time as possible with them which is easy to say, but extremely difficult to do if, for example, you are dealing with a life partner. 

IMPORTANT: Concerning Physical Violence in a Relationship 

If physical abuse at the hands of your partner is a constant feature, it is time to walk out and we will strongly advise and indeed help you to do so no matter the circumstances. You should not be the object of someone‚Äôs frustrations and self-hatred. Let him deal with his inner demons himself (and yes, 95% of the time the perpetrators of physical violence are male) It has nothing to do with you. Remember, no relationship is far better than one that is damaged beyond repair, that is physically abusive and dangerous. 

Feel free to contact us, in full confidence, for important advice on what you need to do to alleviate and then resolve this problem.

North London Stress Management Centre (NLSMC) therapists are British Association for Performing Arts Medicine registered practitioners. NLSMC is a member of the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) member.