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Therapy across the internet with Skype and Zoom 
On-line Internet Therapy

North London Stress Management Centre.
Tel: 020 8444 4871
London Muswell Hill N10 and London Islington N1 centres
1:1 in-person sessions or online LIVE with Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.
Telephone sessions are also available 

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North London Stress Management Centre.
Tel: 020 8444 4871

Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp are FREE and EASY to download and are an increasingly popular way of receiving psychotherapy and hypnosis. On-line sessions are an ideal and SAFE solution for those who are unable to travel in the current climate. Click on the logos above to download SKYPE, ZOOM or WHATSAPP. All three applications are FREE OF CHARGE: You will only need to download one of these applications for the online therapy session, though at times you may wish to alternate. Your therapist will be able to offer advice as to which one will be most suitable for you) 

Internet therapy sessions using Skype or Zoom 
NLSMC has over 12 years experience delivering psychotherapy and hypnosis sessions to clients in many parts of the world via the Skype and (more recently) ZOOM platforms. The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an increasing demand for these sessions and they provide a safe way for receiving treatment in the comfort of your own home or in a place where you do not have to travel.

We were originally inspired to set up Skype a few years ago after receiving a number of enquiries from the United States asking if we delivered on-line LIVE sessions for sufferers of Focal Dystonia, a condition that few hypno-psychotherapists treat.

We started to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of conducting sessions in this way and, after a number of trials, became convinced of the benefits that this method has in treating people who are not able to visit a therapist face to face for various reasons including:

* The Coronavirus is making many people feel uncomfortable about travelling on public-transport or they are banned from doing so in some countries

* They live in a remote region where the nearest therapist can be hundreds (sometimes thousands) of miles away

* They have temporary difficulties in venturing out of the home

* They have specific afflictions which local therapists do not have the knowledge to treat

* They are uncomfortable visiting a therapist on a 1:1 basis

* They live in a small community, where there are practising therapists, but who they may not wish to visit due to privacy and not wanting others knowing that they are undergoing psychotherapeutic treatment.

* They are touring musicians or have jobs that involve a lot of travelling and cannot attend fixed sessions or find the time to source and arrange a time with a local therapist. therapy conducted online.

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy online

We invite you to explore our comprehensive site for information on psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and how we approach various afflictions to give you a full understanding of how we operate. We are sometimes asked if conducting hypnosis presents any problems when delivered across the internet. We can assure you that hypnosis via Skype, ZOOM or WhatsApp is perfectly safe. As we state elsewhere on this site, during hypnosis you will always at every moment be fully aware of your surroundings. It is like you are daydreaming, or are totally ensconced in thought or perhaps deeply involved in a fascinating book or a beautiful piece of music. The most accurate definition of the process is that it is a condition of profound relaxation which you allow yourself to enter, during which time there is an altered state of conscious awareness.

And as Skype is encrypted as it is transmitted, your communication remains private and confidential. OK - so what set up do you need to get started? A reasonably fast Internet connection (DSL, Broadband) A headset or ear-piece (for when we undertake hypnosis) Theses can be purchased relatively cheaply from local hardware stores for as little as £10 or $15 in the US A webcam. Again, these are very inexpensive, with prices starting at around £10 in the UK and $15 in the US. NOTE: Most webcams have built-in microphones, so (providing your computer has a decent set of speakers) you won't need a headset for the times when we are not undertaking hypnosis.

Once you are all set up, feel free to contact us to book your initial consultation: 


North London Stress Management Centre (NLSMC) therapists are British Association for Performing Arts Medicine registered practitioners. NLSMC is a member of the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, a UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) member.